Friday, 25 March 2011

My signature piece

When I was just a little person, maybe 12 or 13, I bought the first item of clothing I really loved: a bright pink cardigan. This was before they had come back into fashion in the UK, and I rocked that pink cardigan SO HARD, even though they were definitely not trendy. It became my kind of signature outfit piece and I kind of adored it.

I maybe kind of still own it 10 years later, except Rich refuses to let me wear it since it is now all mis-shapen and old. However, no matter because at last count there were no less than TWENTY cardigans in my wardrobe.

Seriously, I own more than twenty cardigans. Even I can admit that that is kind of ridiculous.

But I want another one.

A wedding one.

Because of pictures like these:



And also because I just super adore cardigans. They make me feel like Me. I know I will feel beautiful in my dress, because it is beautiful, but once it gets dark on that cold September evening I know I will put on my happy colourful glorious cardigan, and feel truly at home.

So, what shall I buy?

I had hoped to be able to find one out and about - some kind of lovely, cashmere-y type item that Rich and I could choose together (- since he couldn't help me pick my dress and I MISSED him when I couldn't have his input, this will help soothe that :) ). If all fails, I will always have my trusty H&M (oh, H&M. How many days I leave the house wearing items entirely sourced from your delightful walls is embarassing), however I had hoped for one that would be more.. special, I guess? Since this is the only time I will be willing to spend over £40.00 on a cardigan, it seems a shame to get one for £12.99, no?

But I have no idea where to look. I've tried googling 'cashmere cardigans uk' but shockingly that hasn't exactly produced any great goods of wonderment. Neither has etsy, but of course that's probably because I'm not looking in the right places (there is always a nook somewhere in etsy housing something exquisite that is exactly what you were trying to find).

So does anyone know of such a nook as this? Somewhere you've bought something a bit snuggly and a bit snazzy that might be worth a look-see? I am struggling.

Much thankfulness in advance for any and all suggestions :)


  1. Oh girl I am totally going to hook you up!


  2. I've just started a new blog piece about helping people with style conundrums. Would you mind if I post about? Do you have any specifications? Colour no-nos etc!? Can I blog your dress?

    Gosh, I should have just emailed you!