Monday, 28 March 2011

Wander Pandas

That is what Rich and I call little escapades; trips down mysterious side streets, a stroll up the river side, a casual perusal of beautiful shop delicacies. It makes me laugh, and it is also MUCH fun to say. Shall we go for a wanderpanda through the places we are considering for honeymoon spots?

(I say we, but really it is me dilly-dallying between them, going back and forth, and generally changing my mind the moment I feel I've settled on a locale):

1) My first love, Disneyworld

I am a child at heart, and who wouldn't want to go there? Oh, except that it's really hot, and Rich doesn't do heat. And not beautiful. But I so desperately want to go!

2) We briefly considered Las Vegas
And by briefly considered, I mean I had looked up hotel prices and transfers and the location of those giant fountains. But then I realised that all the other cool stuff we wanted to do (Hoover Dam, National Parks) is friggin miles away and also it is in a desert and what happens if your car breaks down in a desert bad things you probably shrivel up and die let's not go there anymore.

4) Canada: Vancouver - Banff - Calgary
Oh me oh my have you seen a photo of Moraine Lake?

It is truth and beauty. Imagine the joy of having a piece of toast on that deck. I would still very much like to go here, only Rich has already been once, and also the Moraine Lake Lodge closes by 1st October so we would have to rush to get to stay there. And everywhere is small towns, so besides staring open-mouthed at the stunning scenery there wouldn't actually be much to do.

3) The Alps
Mountains, Gandalf, Mountains! Except, Beloved Sister went there for her honeymoon. And also it is geographically fairly close, so I feel we would be missing an opportunity to travel further afield with this much time off. Also, I've been (once, but I've been). Oh, and I can speak a grand total of none of the about 5 languages they speak in the various parts.

4) Canada, again
Screw Vancouver, I say. We could fly to Calgary, and get the glass-domed train up to the awesome Rocky Mountaineous parts, and.. and.... it's all really expensive. And all the previous issues still stand. Drat.

5) The Alps, again?

6) Ooh, Norway!

Fjords! This incorporates nothing good about any of the other places! We cannot speak the language! Rich has been to Scandanevia! It is expensive!

7) ...Disneyworld?

8) My latest, genius move: ALASKA
Okay, you guys, I think this is the one. We are natively in the language (nearly).
There are Fjords.

And a city, with Stuff To Do

I think this is The One.


  1. Just a real quick note on Vegas - Hoover Dam is about an hour's drive at most, cars are cheapass to rent and if you do breakdown you're on one of the world's biggest tourist trails. Also, there are bus trips etc if you don't want to go it alone. It's not really that far from places really. We usually incorporate it when we're on the west coast. (Not that I adore Vegas and am pimping it out or anything...)

  2. ooh that's awesome to hear! Maybe we will have to make that our next trip to the US ;)